Who am I?

More than anything, I enjoy creating things.

I'm a programmer, musician, designer and artist living in north England.

I've been programming and playing instruments since I was 8 years old and I've always had a love for design. I would frequently write alternative rules for chess, or entirely new board games.

My professional career started in 2009, when I wrote my first piece of commercial code. Since then, I've either been in full-time employment or a freelancer in various creative industries.

I currently work full-time for my own company GoCreate.

Creating things is my hobby, so my spare time is often spent doing things that relate to work in some way. I love taking Photographs, making Music and working on my own Games.
I also love airshows, travelling, and a good cup of coffee.

What do I do?


I'm proficient in a variety of programming languages. Including, but not limited to:

I can use those languages with a variety of frameworks and software. I've made websites, android, ios & windows phone apps, I've worked on games for most platforms, and I've created standalone software.


I typically use Logic Pro X for creating music, along with a variety of samples & VSTs. I can play Piano and most string instruments to a reasonable level, so often include my own performances where I can.

I've performed in bands, orchestras and choirs around the country from a young age, music is something I've been passionate about since I can remember, and it's an important part of my life.


My camera is a Canon 750D. I have a 50-200mm lens in addition to the kit lens. I enjoy taking photos of flora and portraits.

My real passion is aircraft photography, which I try to do as often as I can, weather and equipment permitting.


Most of my art work is in design for websites, apps and games. I'm branching out into more illustrative work, as well as 3D design. I typically mock up designs in photoshop+illustrator, after a quick paper sketch. I really enjoy working on visual medium in games, making a scene properly lit, and working on the effects to make it immersive.

What have I done?

Most of my portfolio can be found on GoCreate's website. Everything there I will have been the primary developer and designer on. In my personal time, you can find my photos on my 500px website, my games on, music on soundcloud and my personal programming projects on github.

I also take part in Ludum Dare often, as well as other game jams. The time limit of jams force you to be creative in a short space of time, and I think you always learn a lot from them. A few of my jam games I've gone to develop into full games.


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