New website, and other new things

After many months of having a "temporary" (Or not so temporary) website up, I finally buckled down and created myself something proper! There'll soon be a new Adeliae Creative website too. It's all very exciting.

Recently, I left my job working as the lead developer / manager of a games studio, and I'm going to do some freelance work for a while. I felt that a site refresh was the perfect way to get that started. I'll have an up to date portfolio, and be ready to attract new clients.

Previously, when I was freelance, I put a lot of my focus into app development work, it was hard work, and hard to find client, so now I'm broadening my scope, looking for work doing anything I'm capable of doing (apps, games, websites, music). I'm confident this will work out even better for me.

I'm also doing a little personal health kick, it's something I really need to focus on, so we'll see how that turns out!

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